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Poker Girls: The Next Generation of Champions

Poker is a huge deal these days, so it comes as no surprise that people of both genders and of all ages are excited about participating. While it used to be that it only made major headlines due to addictions and things of that nature, that all changed when a female won the EPT - twice! - throwing the press for a loop and shining a good light on this world-renowned card game by causing them to focus on their poker news on poker girls for a change.

The industry worldwide is still suffering somewhat. Many of the world's largest online outlets catered to Americans and on Black Friday in 2011, they were shut down for good. As such, people in the US who still wanted to play were forced to actually pack up and move to Canada where the industry is still booming. There is a lot to be said for the lifestyle, too, and it appeals to the younger generation now more than ever before.

Something else to consider is that the woman who won the EPT two times over, Victoria Coren Mitchell, came from a regular background and was not professionally trained to play. Like many girls in poker, she learned by simply participating online and learning how others reacted. Many people consider the activity to be outright gambling, but Coren Mitchell proved to the world that it is more about skill and that anyone from any background has a chance as long as they are willing to apply themselves. Learn of popular poker sites here at and look through the lists provided. There is so much information to learn about these casinos or poker rooms that players realize finding the right site to deposit at is just as important as knowing how to cleverly place your bets.

In the WSOP, the world's largest event by a mile, just under 5% of last year's participants were women. This poses a problem of gender inequality and often leads the women in poker to believe that they simply cannot stack up against their male counterparts. Though this is far from the truth, it is anticipated that Coren Mitchell's win will spur more female entrants and perhaps more female winners over time.

Poker girls are about much more than glamor and fame. They don't want to show up to be eye candy at the table, though some of them might use their assets to their advantage. What they want is equality. Women can kick ass and take names in poker all day long, and that's exactly what many of them intend to do. The female boom is just around the corner and it is incredibly exciting for everyone. Not only are girls kicking ass in poker, but they are looking to create something bigger. Read about Tammy at She has created her own guide to gambling online in general. Learn the basics and feel comfortable knowing that a real person has taken the time to educate and provide essential skills needed to get the most out of online gambling - and yes, Tammy is female!